Rovagnati experiments with Bistrò restaurants

Both passion for gastronomic culture and attention to details characterize the concept of the refined Rovagnati bistros, an Italian Company that has been producing salami and cold cuts for over 70 years. The simple furnishings, as well as welcoming atmosphere, make customers feel at home. Convivial tables support the desire to communicate and share moments of genuine taste.

‘Rovagnati Bistrò’ offers to all fans of good cuisine, tasty but light, tempting appetizers and light lunches, based on salami, which are the protagonists of gourmet combinations. The customers can taste salami and cold cuts in original dishes and ‘dreamy chopsticks’, with new recipes to promote their consumption in amazing ways.

The menu, definitely rich, includes such exclusive preparations as Cucumber Pickles with ‘Mortadella Riserva Oro’ Bologna sausage and Strawberry Grapes Sauce, as well as a classic of Milanese cuisine, originally reinterpreted: cutlet with cooked ham. All recipes were designed by renowned chefs, who wanted to combine the most significant flavours of Mediterranean cuisine with the quality of Rovagnati salami and cold cuts.

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