Who we are

Tecniche Nuove Group
Is the parent company which started its publishing activities in 1960 with the publication of several magazines dedicated to mechanics. It maintained its original vocation but has also been able to diversify and expand its sphere of interest to become today’s leader in the specialized publishing sector. The areas of interest cover a large part of the production activities ranging from the mechanic industry to plants; from construction to agriculture; from health care to wellness and food.

New Business Media
New Business Media is the company of the Tecniche Nuove Group that publishes a wide range of specialized magazines dedicated to professionals who work in the main business sectors. Two are historic publications dedicated to the Retail sector:

GDOWEEK: all the Italian and foreign retail world described with new formats, openings, innovation, technology.

MARK UP: current affairs, is the main feature, the brand, the views and opinions from Italy and from Europe


New Business Media on the Web
Together with these two Italian publications whose web sites are www.gdoweek.it and www.mark-up.it we find the web version of Italian Food Excellence whose web site is www.italianfoodexcellence.com and the paper version of Italian Food Excellence which is a quarterly distributed at the major international food fairs such as Sial, Anuga, Tuttofood, Cibus. The target audience of this magazine are professional figures (buyers, importers, trading companies) who are interested in importing made in Italy food products.
The magazines, the e-mag, the web sites and events dedicated to the retail world create a publishing system that meets the information needs of a wide and qualified professional target: top managers, buyers, decision makers and also involves institutional representatives. Below is how it is assembled.

New Business Media contact for Italian Food Excellence
Ugo Stella 39-2-92984529

Tecniche Nuove’s numbers

  • 88 specialized magazines, also with online version
  • 510.800 copies per month
  • 1.280.250 million contacts each month
  • 800 books in the catalog
  • 35 themed series
  • over 100 professional training courses and ECM
  • 13 exhibitions
    • 6.750 exhibitors
    • 450.000 visitors
  • 15 congresses
  • 7 websites
  • more than 500.000 newsletter sent each month