Italy, land of oil

LC, mezzo busto, foto PlumExtra virgin olive oil is by far the best fat. In order to obtain it, it is enough to press the fruit: the olive. No complex operations are needed, as it happens for other oils of different nature. It is just a matter of pressing: olives, oil. Its many valuable substances, with their antioxidant and protective action, remain intact after the extraction. This is why it is so good to be used both raw and in cooking. Today it is appreciated everywhere, even in cuisines which are not directly related to the Mediterranean civilization. It is consumed willingly, because it is also healthy, besides its high digestibility. The fact that it is more tasty and fragrant is not a problem. As it has a good flavouring effect, it is used in more limited quantities, moderately, and therefore it is indirectly ‘dietetic’. Some do not use it in frying, but they are wrong, because it is the most suitable and more resistant one, in comparison with other fats, to high temperatures. It is just necessary to avoid overlapping the flavours of other raw materials, paying attention to the aromatic complexity and intensity of olfactory notes.

Each olive oil must be interpreted. There are extra virgin olive oil with light, medium, or intense fruity notes. In general, a delicate flavour is suitable with delicate foods, a more marked taste with more structured foods, much depends on personal taste. Italy has a great biodiversity, with over 500 varieties of olive trees.

Many different oils, many unique oils, great versatility in use, and many possible combinations. There's a plenty to choose from.



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