Faithful to the Land!

Italy - Tuscany'Each product must be a faithful expression of its land'. All the work carried out by Veronica and Francesco Passerin d’Entrèves bases itself upon this belief. Mrs and Mr Passerin d’Entrèves are owners of Villa and Fattoria Dianella, located on the hills of Vinci, in the province of Florence, within the smaller sub-area of Chianti DOCG, Montalbano, characterized by a high wine-growing vocation. The philosophy behind the company, which permeates all its activities, from the production of wine and oil to hospitality and reception at Villa Dianella and Villa Piaggia, consists in creating products in line with the traditions of this land, without ever deviate from the concept of 'typical'. The owners explain: «The traditions and culture of a particular area are an essential part in the realization of anything. These are the first ingredients we assess and weigh, because we believe that, without them, a crucial part of the final taste lacks. So, Made in Italy, our strength, would lack». At present, Fattoria Dianella has developed an oil and wine production which proposes an IGP extra virgin olive oil and a range of 7 wines: 4 red ones, a late harvest, the white Vermentino and Sangiovese rosé.

DOCG Chianti Dianella
Bottiglia Chianti Dianella DOCG copia
It is obtained from Sangiovese (95%) and Colorino (5%) grapes. Its colour is ruby ​​red with purple reflections and is characterized by a fresh, strong and penetrating scent of violets and red fruit. It is easy to drink, soft, smooth, and with sweet tannins. 60,000 bottles per year are produced, equal to 75 % of the whole production of the company, and has been realized since the birth of the village, before 1700. It is ideal in combination with red meats and game, but can enhance every preparation, and for this reason it is exported, for 10%, in the United States, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Spain, too.

Il Matto delle Giuncaie
Bottiglia Matto delle Giuncaie con packaging copia
It is a red IGT exclusively obtained from Sangiovese grapes. Its colour is purple red and in its scent notes of tobacco and liquorice blended with notes of red and black fruit emerge. 10,000 bottles a year are produced of this elegant, harmonious, and smooth wine, full of character and original, which for its strength and body is excellent with game, cheese, and grilled meat, and is meeting a significant success abroad, too, in the United States, Japan, and Hong Kong, mainly in the catering channel.

Sereno e Nuvole
Another ‘gem’ of this company is Sereno e Nuvole, the white of Fattoria Dianella, which, since the 2013 harvest, is prepared exclusively with Vermentino grapes (3,000 bottles a year). Its taste is young and fresh, with a touch of minerality, and thanks to its purity it offers a definite and elegant personality, even if it keeps a gentle and delicate taste. Its colour is pale yellow and has an aroma of tropical fruits and flowers. It combines well with white meats, fish, and shellfish.Ser&Nuv nuovo dettaglio 2 copia

IGP Dianella Oil
Among the most important products of the farm, Dianella oil emerges. It is an IGP extra-virgin olive oil from Tuscany, obtained by olive trees placed at the foot of Montalbano. The overall extent of the areas planted with olive trees is of 15 hectares and their cultivation is carried out with natural methods, so that it will be possible to certify this oil as organic. The cultivated varieties are the traditional ones for this land: 'Frantoio', which covers almost 50 % of total production, 'Moraiolo', 'Leccino', and 'Pendolino'. The so obtained oil is an extra virgin olive oil, unfiltered, very aromatic, and characterized by rich and consistent flavour, ideal for raw consumption, but with high performance in cooking, too. Of the 50 hectolitres produced annually, a market share of 10% is exported, mainly in Japan, with a particular and refined packaging: from the elegant glass bottles with screw cap and drip-catcher to metal cans with drip-catcher cap in different formats.Olii con tubo copia

Tradition in products and innovation in packaging
The packaging, which is done by hand, for the owners of Fattoria Dianella is an integral part of the design of a product and to it a lot of attention and resources in the farm are devoted. Veronica Passerin d’Entrèves confirms: «If in our products we rigorously follow the tradition, for packaging our primary goal is innovation. Our values have been and will always be the traditional and typical ones of our land, combined with the ability of evolving. Passion and Tuscan tradition are our strengths, defined as genuineness, transparency, and realization of high-quality products through a simple and unique presentation. Our greatest satisfaction consists in realizing that the project we had in mind for Dianella is emerging successfully and the idea we had of a ‘good wine’ is shared not only by friends, but also by national and international market. Our goals consist in implementing and stabilize our production to 200,000 bottles and being more present in foreign markets, continuing to produce with the standards we are already following, based on quality and link with our land».

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