A ‘special’ sparkling wine

MVittoria Ottavia bott-bassaA new sparkling wine made ​​from Sangiovese grapes, a 'special' wine because it is made with the ancestral method and because Tuscany has little familiarity with sparkling wines. It is the ‘Maria Vittoria and Octavia’ by Fattoria Dianella. «Maria Vittoria and Octavia - the owner Veronica Passerin d’Entréves states - is a wine made exclusively from Sangiovese grapes and produced with the ancestral method that allows to enhance the characteristics of the grapes in a natural way. The wine re-ferments in the bottle thanks to endogenous sugars and yeasts without any addition. The second fermentation takes place in the bottles stored in the cellar at 15 degrees and for this first year we have decided not to make disgorgement. The wine may have small residuals on the bottom, further confirmation of its ‘naturalness’».  Maria Vittoria and Octavia is well suited as aperitif and for pairings with the typical dishes of Tuscan summer cuisine.

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