Asiago cheese Export market: from Germany to Eastern Europe

Asiago all'estero

Asiago cheese, the famous cheese producted in Veneto, closed the year 2014 with 1,626,146 cheeses, of which 269,912 were seasonal (+ 22.79% compared to 2013), resulting in a stable total production (+ 0.37%). The first nine months of 2014 show an increase in the export sales by 3.8%.

Single producers are directly involved in sales
The producers are directly handling sales. Depending on the country where the product is being sold, they can be personally involved or decide to sell with the help of Italian and foreign exporters. The Consortium supports its members by promoting the brand and the product.

German speaking countries
In the last few years the aim has been to expand market share in German speaking countries, especially in Germany with many promotional activities in the large-scale retail trade. These marketing actions will continue in 2015. Promotional activities are also being planned to take place in The Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary.

Brazil, The United Arab Emirates and China
As for the non-EU markets such as Brazil, The United Arab Emirates and China, the Consortium supports the producers by participating in fairs and special events.

Maximum support is given towards the United States, with in store promotions, commercial activities and direct support to all exporters, even if they are not members of the Consortium.

Main export destinations are Switzerland, followed by the United States. Germany comes third but it is the fastest growing market, followed by France, Canada, Austria and Australia.

All these countries account for more than 80% of Asiago cheese exports.

Promotional activity which took place in a supermarket in Germany in 2014.

Jessica Pini

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