Grana Padano, a ‘worldwide’ dairy factory

3 cascina triulza

Location: Expo Milan 2015
Throughout Expo Milano 2015, which is taking place from the 1st May to 31st October, the production chain of Grana Padano cheese will be showcased to the world through the creation of a live dairy factory, located in Cascina Triulza.

Ancient rural construction
This will be an ancient rural construction which is part of the exhibition site, also the headquarters of the Civil Society of Milan Expo 2015. The Consorzio Tutela Grana Padano has decided to invest in this direction with the aim of being a leading participant in this world showcase on food and nutrition.
Nicola Cesare Baldrighi, President of the Consorzio Tutela Grana Padano, and Massimo Minelli, Director of the Triulza Foundation, submitted this project on the 29th January at the Milano Expo Gate.

That will take place in Milan over the next few months. This will allow more than 20 million expected visitors to the show an insight into the production of one of the most famous and prestigious Italian cheeses. The Triulza Foundation, together with Expo Milano 2015, will operate in partnership, during the six months of the event, taking care of all events and projects for Cascina Triulza which is part of the historical, architectural and environmental heritage of the Lombardy region.

by Laura Turrini

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