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Ilip is an established partner of market leading supermarket chains in Britain, setting the trends in fruit and vegetables packaging for Europe.

Decontamination of recycled PET
It has recently installed a system for the decontamination of recycled PET, certified by EFSA, for the production of packaging made with 100% recycled plastic. This is a further improvement to the sustainability of r-PET which is normally carried out with the layer made in pure plastic that comes into contact with fruit and vegetables.

Ideal packaging for fruit and vegetables
Ilip is the ideal packaging partner for fruit and vegetables producers, package importers and department managers within large retailers. On behalf of them it can connect with importers from all over the world to provide packaging that meets the standards required by the client. Roberto Zanichelli, marketing and sales director for Ilip, explains:"In order to satisfy the request from English supermarket chains we have created the TS range of sealable punnets in r-PET, available in all standard sizes of heat sealed packaging.
It represents the latest innovation in packaging for fruits and vegetables that the big British supermarket chains, who are very careful in the environmental sustainability, have decided to use in order to reduce the size of the container, carbon footprint and to improve merchandising.

Certified by the BRC (British Retail Consortium)
Ilip packaging, also available in PP and PLA, is certified by the BRC (British Retail Consortium) which assesses the quality of the finished product: compliance with specific hygiene requirements and food contact.

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