Vinitaly: measuring physiological reactions to wine


It all happened at the Vinitaly exhibition in Verona, in the Lombardy Hall by the Oltrepò Pavese Consortium in collaboration with the Neuromarketing Laboratory of the Iulm University in Milan

Neuromarketing and typicality
The Oltrepò Pavese Consortium, located in an area rich in local tradition and wine, 50 km south of Milan, had the original and brilliant idea to test professional people such as sommeliers, wine lovers and ordinary people by measuring their emotional and physical reaction to wine. For example, measuring their heart rate, pressure and brain activity towards both the packaging and taste of wine.

It will be very interesting to examine the collated information and results as these tests are part of the most advanced neuromarketing area that in this specific case comes to analyse people’s behavior towards local Italian products.

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