Umberto Cesari, labels by artists for Moma line


To teach young people to consume wine in a conscientious and conscious way, Umberto Cesari is a winery from the hills of the province of Bologna, in northern Italy and has chosen art, to speak to this target consumer. The company decided to entrust young artists from the academies of fine arts to create the labels for the bottles of the Moma line. (MyOwnMAsterpiece).


Moma in the World
The Moma line counts an annual production of 800 thousand bottles for 4 products. (white, red, rosé and sparkling wine) 90% of which is exported to 60 countries, mainly Canada, Switzerland, the US, Mexico and Denmark.


Art Contest 2015
For the second edition of the Umberto Cesari Art Contest students from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, Urbino and de l'Université du Québec à Montréal have been involved. The winner, voted by a jury of experts and web users, is Donatella Carollo, from the Academy of Venice, for her masterpiece Futurwine.


In the new label the letters that spell the word Moma have been reinterpreted and transformed into a human shape caught while sipping a glass of wine. The bottom M resembles the upper part of the figure , the O is the face, the second M is a headgear, the upside down A is the glass of wine.

By Jessika Pini

About Ugo Stella

Sono un giornalista cui piacciono i punti di vista originali e un po' fuori dal coro, dove si possa trovare qualcosa di nuovo e stimolante. Attento alla tendenze di consumo, mi considero un foodie sempre alla ricerca di novità in campo alimentare, arrivino dalla produzione o dalla tradizione.

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