The first crystallized grape sugar from Naturalia

In the natural sweetener sector, Naturitalia, a subsidiary of Eridania Sadam, one of the biggest players on the Italian sugar market, has put an international patent on the process of obtaining fructose and crystallized dextrose from grapes. The extraction process, which produces 8-9 thousand tons per year, is carried out in the Naturalia Ingredient company in Mazara del Vallo in the province of Trapani, Sicily.

Where to use it
"Crystal Must Grape" is used in the food, organic, nutraceutical, cosmetic and above all in the wine sector. The product has obtained European authorization to be used in the winemaking process. The Regulation EU 1308/2013 otherwise known as the reform of the OCM (Organization Common Market) wine, became effective about a year ago and allows the use of the solid grape juice in the cellar, for the enrichment , sweetening, sparkling and carbonization processes.

What use to happen before
For centuries concentrated grape juice was one of the most common products used to sweeten foods (eg. Fruit jams) and to add "strength" to "weak wines", produced with grapes that due to unfavorable seasonal climate hadn't reached a sufficient level of sugar and alcohol to meet market parameters for sale.
The sugars naturally contained in grapes are made from a mixture of monosaccharides composed by 50% fructose, 48% dextrose and 2% "minor sugars". A very different "recipe" from the disaccharide sucrose derived from sugar beet or from sugar cane. One of the main elements that differentiate the quality of Italian wines is the ban on the use of different sugars other than those contained in grapes from the cellar.

The advantages of solid must
From the wine perspective, the use of the solid must offers many advantages: greater purity, organoleptic and olfactory improvement, microbiological stability, no risk of crystallization, reduction of the amount needed for corrective actions (no water content), better inventory management (does not require the commitment of the tanks and enables precise control of dosage and of intervention stock as it is packed in bags of 20 kg and 5 kg), excellent preservation of the product, high solubility, easy manipulation.

Labels and certifications
Crystal Must Grape is also available with organic certification, it doesn't contain and it is not derived from GMOs and doesn't have allergens. The Naturalia Ingredients company is certified ISO 9001/2008 and ISO 22005/2008.


di Jessika Pini

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