Very Italian vegetable preserves

Since more than 140 years, Polli has served at table many products that combine tradition and innovation, in line with both taste and high quality. This company was born in 1872 thanks to Fausto Polli’s entrepreneurial spirit and soon became a leader in the sector of vegetable preserves, in both domestic and international markets. The control of the whole production chain, careful selection of raw materials, evolved packaging systems, and a wide line of typical products of Italian gastronomic tradition are evidence of both quality and love that Polli has always had for its activity, so that it is one of the most important companies in both Italian and international agroindustrial market.

First of all, the consumer

The company philosophy of Polli bases itself on innovation, tradition, and loyalty to its consumers. The realization of a product is the result of a system that involves people, technologies, materials, and processes in a continuous evolution, whose unique aim is quality. Every stage of this realization is a definite, controlled, and irreplaceable element, from cultivation of raw materials at their entrance in the production cycle, up to storage and distribution of finished products. All these factors offer a guarantee of a company trend pointed at promoting the absolute reliability, always respecting the requirements of both trade and consumers.

The first Polli shop in Milan

Today Polli group has at its disposal 3 plants, two in Italy, at Monsummano Terme and Eboli respectively, one in Spain, at Hinojos. They are a model of efficiency, technology, and productive flexibility where every year more than 134 alimentary raw materials are worked, with a production of about 20.000 ton vegetables and more than 60 million jars, which constitute a rich line of products, able to meet the most diversified requirements. In the company about 100.000 product analyses on 3.000 arrivals per year of raw materials, 42.600 chemical analyses and 82.000 controls on packagings are carried out. In the bottling with pasteurization stage, every jar is individually controlled as for weight, presence of vacuum and contaminating agents by means of X-rays; afterwards, more than 54.000 chemical analyses and 51.000 spot checks concerning the process are carried out. Three important acknowledgements highlight the attention of Polli for quality: UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification for the Management of Quality System, and the international standards BRC Global Standard Food and IFS (International Food Standard), both of them obtained at an advanced level, that guarantee that severe hygienic and safety controls were successful carried out.

The offer

A continuous balance between tradition and innovation, technology and professional competence allows to propose 500 items, in which variety and gastronomic tradition result to be the ‘winning features’ for the realization of 10 lines of products.

Sottoli/Antipasti (Appetizers)

(Antipasto Arlecchino, Farcitoast, 100% Italian little mushrooms, 100% Italian whole little artichokes, 100% Italian cut little artichokes).

Either whole or cut little artichokes, and little mushrooms: simple, fresh, characterized by a very high quality, all coming from Italy, for a light meal, in line with Italian taste. Artichokes are a perfect balance between quality of raw materials and preservation method, while mushrooms, simple and with few fats, are cultivated respecting a healthy and balanced diet.

They are ideals for both accompanying main courses and alone.

I senzaolio

Little grilled mushrooms, artichokes of Puglia, grilled peppers, ‘borettane’ onions. This line of products, where freshness and high quality are in perfect balance with naturalness, allows a journey through the flavours of Italian gastronomy. Very high quality vegetables, prepared and preserved with natural methods, that meet the requirements expressed by people who have a preference for healthy and light foods, for a balanced diet, but without giving up to quality and flavour that only this Tuscan company can guarantee. Grilled peppers, artichokes of Puglia, ‘borettane’ onions, and little grilled mushrooms are the products that Polli proposes in order to make meals lighter and lighter, fresher and fresher. With the ‘SenzaOlio’ versions it is possible to create amusing recipes, in which fantasy and practicality of the products can accompany in an easy and fast way the most varied gastronomic combinations.


(Gherkins, spring onions, little salad, pickled vegetables, capers, sour-sweet spring onions, sour-sweet peppers)

Arte Italiana Sottoli

(‘Boscaiola’ of mushrooms, ‘Pizzaiola’ of mushrooms, ‘Neapolitan’ aubergines, farmer’s artichokes, rustic onions)

Condimento Riso Più

(Rice and tuna, rice and Vienna sausage, rice and 16 vegetables, rice without oil, rice without oil with vegetables)

Olive in vaso (olives in jar)

(Giant olives, green pitted olives, black pitted olives)

Vaschette (trays)

(Green pitted olives, black pitted olives, slices olives, salted capers)

Arte Italiana Pesti

(Pesto with basil, pesto with artichokes, pesto with marrows, garlic with aromatic greens, garlic with oil and hot pepper)

Grandi Formati (big formats)

(Delicious salad, rice and Vienna sausage, giant green olives, pitted green olives, green pickled pitted olives, black pitted olives, whole black olives, pickled vegetables, pickled capers, whole green olives, little salad with vinegar)

Sottoli tipici

(Lucan mixed grill, Tuscan appetizer, Calabrian little mushrooms, Sicilian olives)

Polli continues to invest and grow in its proceeds of sales, as for both Italian market and export. In addition, it proves to be a leader in the sector of Private Label. Today it is a reality that invoices more than 80 million euros. The company has just turned 140 years and was celebrated with an important photographic and cultural project presented by Ferdinando Scianna, Nino Migliori, and Antonio Pascale.

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