Good. Typical. Safe. That’s Salame Cremona

Salame Cremona, product previously known in the sixteenth century, when it was served on the tables of lords and nobles, was born in the fertile and foggy Padana Valley, the area devoted to pig breeding since Romana era. From the original production area - at the time of the Longobards in Italy it was identified in the present territory of the Cremona's Province - the production of Salame Cremona, about the mid-nineteenth century, was extended to affect the whole basin of the Padana Valley. Today the production area includes Emilia Romagna, Lombardia, Piemonte and Veneto.

The Consortium

The Salame Cremona's Tutelage Consortium was founded on 7 March 1995 from the initiative of a group of operators, with the aim of constituting an organism able to identify, protect and bring to market a typical product whose zone of production are the provinces of Cremona, Brescia, Varese.

Salame Cremona IGP is identified by the red oval-shaped logo - containing the words ‘Salame Cremona’ and the stylized image of the city tower (il ‘Torrazzo’), both in white - surrounded on the top and left by the words ‘Consorzio di Tutela Salame Cremona IGP’.

Salame Cremona is the result of processing of selected pork meat; it is flavoured by salt and crushed garlic, and put into natural guts. The specification provides the exclusive use of meat from pigs reared in Italy and, specifically, in the production areas of raw materials of Parma Ham and Prosciutto di San Daniele. Moreover, for the production of Salame Cremona is allowed use only fresh meat . The salami seasons from a minimum of 5 weeks - for small pieces - to over 4 months - for the greatest ones - and it keep unchanged its typical characteristics of softness and doughiness.

Aromatic and spicy

Thanks to the perfect integration of ingredients, Salame Cremona results so aromatic and spicy to palate, perfumed and of a deep red color that shades gradually to the white of the adipose parties. The product has a cylindrical shape with little uneven feature and soft texture. The slices are compact and homogeneous. The final result is an unique and unmistakable product, synthesis of a territory culture and nature.

Salame Cremona IGP is perfect in combination with cheese and other local products and can be served as a snack for aperitif or as a main dish.

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