Valverde goes greener with the Carbon Footprint certification

Last January Valverde achieved the ISO 14067 Carbon Footprint certification, starting a path of green responsibility. The company is the first amongst the Italian aviary farms to get this certification.
The quantification of greenhouse gas emissions throughout the life cycle of Valverde products “from field to fork” was calculated on cultivation and production of feed, breeding, packaging production, poultry transportation, processing, distribution and cooking by the consumer.

Andrea Costa, president of the Valverde Agricultural Cooperative

The cooperative, in addition to conducting the analysis and the quantification of CO2 emissions, is committed to define a carbon management system aimed at identifying and implementing those emissions reduction interventions, which are economically efficient, by using low carbon technologies.
“Our way of life -says Andrea Costa, president of the Valverde Agricultural Cooperative- can influence climate change and to pay more attention, even in everyday life, to CO2 emissions is not only a green action but also, more and more, a civil action. We want our commitment to guarantee the consumer of a quality product: our chicken. The Carbon Footprint certification allows us to assess the environmental impact in terms of global warming by our chicken throughout its life cycle.

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