China’s green light for kiwis and citrus fruits: the latest actions

Last January two Chinese inspectors came to Italy to verify the feasibility of cold treatment in the factories before departure for both kiwi and citrus fruit in order to facilitate exports to China. The visit was coordinated by CSO Italy, with the support of the ICE - Agency for the promotion abroad and the internationalization of Italian companies - in China and in Italy, in the context of a special fund intended to necessary missions for the opening of foreigner markets.

During the week of meetings with Chinese technicians, four companies were involved to show the whole processing, conditioning and packaging system, with particular attention to the conservation phase of both kiwis and citrus fruits. For the kiwi, the inspectors visited the SALVI / UNACOA plants in Ferrara and AGRINTESA in Castelbolognese (RA). While for citrus fruits, they visited the plants of ORANFRIZER in Scordia and PAIMFUIT in Catania.

The inspectors were able to verify the structures and all the instruments and technical equipment used to make cold treatment in the cells. At the end of the visit, the Chinese inspectors found full compliance with the requirements of the protocols, even beyond their expectations.
Now we await the sending of the official report by the Chinese authorities to the Ministry. The results should open the possibility, for citrus in particular, to air shipments and a simplification for kiwis.

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