USA: Calabrian pepper is served

On Sila, in Calabria, traditional recipes, developed and innovated, ancient flavours, typical of a land whose inhabitants decided that gastronomic art must be one of their strengths, are rediscovered. Calabria is a fertile land, ingenious, rich, ravished by scent of pine, white fir, and sea bindweeds, friendly, where nature often seems to challenge man. Its natural beauties of great value blend with typical specialities and here ‘Its Majesty’ Calabrian pepper, palatable and exalter of the most simple flavours, plays the lord and master.

Here, within the 73.695 hectares of National Park of Sila, at Camigliatello Silano (Cosenza) - Contrada Sculca, “Fattoria Sila” works out ideas, develops projects, and produces.

A Quality Policy  

The location of this factory, in the heart of National Park of Sila, one of the biggest in Europe, in which rare species of both flora and fauna live together, implies and gives an inherent value to this productive reality, because this company becomes bearer of history and culture with a high environmental value, too.

Fattoria Sila was born of the passion spent by its three members, Franco Collorafi, Claudio Vivacqua, Maurizio Campanaro, for high quality food and tie with their land, deep love for Calabria, wish of enhancing the potential offered by this region. Collorafi states: «In a wider viewpoint, the economic revival is not connected with advertising for a single company, but comes from will of enhancing the whole region, that offers much, but is little brought out». He underlines: «Fattoria Sila - thanks to its production of vegetable-based preserves produced with top-quality ingredients (mushrooms and olives in oil, sauces, spices, calabrian pepper, stuffed small artichokes, green tomatoes with tuna and paprika), uninterrupted experimentation of new recipes, all strictly given by the generous land of Calabria - is a reality emblematic of engagement, perseverance, passion, devotion expressed by people who, with much effort and some risks, decide to open new activities thanks to their strength only, solely betting on quality and work».

Fattoria Sila bets everything on both quality and genuineness of excellent and refined products, because, with the globalization, a food cannot be tasty only: it must be healthy, too. With its products Fattoria Sila is a growing reality, that aims at crossing the boundaries not only of Calabria, but of Italy and Europe, in order to export in the USA the traditional tasty and spiced flavours that remind the historical Greek, Byzantine (East), Norman (Northern Europe), Aragonese (Spain) influences.

Nothing is left to chance  

Fattoria Sila takes care of detail, product, and packaging, designed by experts in communication: sober and elegant lines, in order to satisfy the reference target for demanding customers as for both taste and shape; use of colours of the earth, green of underbrush, yellow of wheat, red of calabrian pepper, for communicating the sensation of an handcraft product, produced according to the best regional tradition; use of a label hung to the jar, not stuck to it, for allowing to see the product within the jar in order to assess its tastiness by analysing its colour and consistency, and this evaluation is often essential for choosing the product.

In ‘Aperigusto’, too - the last line proposed by Fattoria Sila directed to young consumers - the design is amusing and lively, the prevailing colour is yellow and the recipes are the ones of the ‘bruschetteria’ line, because they are intended for use during appetizers and happy hours.

The commercial strategy adopted by Fattoria Sila addresses its corporate choices to both technological development and increase of export in the USA, because this country already imported European products and is ready to experiment with new flavours.

Export is the challenge

Export implies a deep knowledge of the receiving markets, expecially the USA, where laws are very different from the ones in EU. It’s therefore demanding above all as for the strategic assessment concerning both market analysis and placing of the product, requiring a very strong expansion policy from a both structural and distributive viewpoint, a reorganization carried out by realizing new premises and storehouses as well as purchasing new technological lines, with the aim of being present with a true distribution network. Collorafi states: «This choice was made with belief, but with some difficulties, because it will imply the use of strong energies towards a new creativity, an essential component that leads us to imagine more and more innovatory and competitive products, recipes, procedures. In addition, for Expo 2015 our company is working for creating a new product not only as for taste, but according to an environmentally friendly viewpoint».


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