Different vinegars for different tastes

The vinegar company Andrea Milano was established in 1889 and nowadays it is one of the main and oldest Italian factories, which perform in the vinegar-making field. The more than one century old experience goes with all productions, both the large scale industrial ones and the small scale specially brewed fine ones.

The head production site is in Naples, close by the port and the junction of the main highways. Nearby the production site there are the offices and the warehouse both of the raw material and of the finished products. The warehouse occupies a surface of about 3.000 square meters, with steel vats which have a total capacity of more than 800.000 litres, while the production site has vats with a total capacity of about 700.000 litres, of which the oak casks represent more than 200.000 litres. The three steel Frings Type Acetators are the hearth of the production facilities.

The factory located in Modena represents the pride of the production of the balsamic vinegar. The one century old oak casks, made of valuable wood, allow to manage the complex aging process according to traditional methods, which are handed over from father to son.

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The production of Colourless Wine Vinegar for the pickling industry represents another interesting channel for the sale and the distribution.

Each product is carefully controlled during every phase of the production process; an internal laboratory, which is adequately equipped and helped by an external laboratory with both national and international accreditation, supplies with a valid technical support carrying out continuous controls, in order to optimize the production and to censure the constancy of the quality standards. A. Milano also produce for private labels.

The company is certified against the international product standard BRC – Global Standard for Food Safety issue 6: July 2011 (certificate n. BRC-IS B10542 dated March 15th 2013). The production processes of wine vinegar and of balsamic vinegar of Modena IGP comply with the organic production methods, which are orderly by the CE Regulation n. 834/07 and CCPB certified .

Halal certification have been recently issued by the Islamic Centre of Milano.


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