The Tree of Life, symbol of the Italian Pavilion at Expo 2015, is near completion

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Designed by Marco Balich, a concept of the Gioforma studio, The Tree of Life, stands at 37 metres. It is the tallest structure at Expo 2015, located in the Lake Arena and is almost completed.

A wooden canopy, 45 metres in diameter, was mounted in the last few days on the trunk made of steel. The crown weighs 70 tons and was hoisted in less than two hours by using two winches connected to 300 metres of steel cable. The 37 meters high tree, is located in front of Palazzo Italia, at the end of the axis of the Thistle, and it is reflected in the waters of Lake Arena. 90 tons of wood and 150 tons of steel were used for its construction.

Seven miles of Led lights
To create special effects, seven miles of Led lights will be installed to illuminate the shows (circa 1,260 events during the six-month duration of the Expo). All the necessary machinery will be assembled over the next few days on the foliage and trunk plants. The tallest building of the Expo was donated as an ad hoc project by Orgoglio Brescia, a consortium of local companies.

The project was inspired by Piazza del Campidoglio
According to the idea of ​​the architect Balich, the tree will be the benchmark of the Expo, an area where people can meet and relax, but also an interactive space from which all the manifestations of the Italian Pavilion will start. Marco Balich, in the development of the project, was inspired by the complex shape of the Piazza del Campidoglio in Rome, commissioned to Michelangelo in 1534. The diamond shaped design of the pavement, which ends in a twelve-pointed star (like the constellations), was taken up during the work, symbolizing a drive towards the future and innovation, without losing the value of its Renaissance roots.

Studio Gioforma produced the concept.

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