New collective brand “Top Food Expoerience” launches for the Expo

The brand "Top Food Expoerience" has been created respecting the Expo regulations for collective brands and to protect consumers. This brand offers the experience of four leading companies in the food sector, the story of the Emilia territory which is the heart the food valley and the value of quality and unique products. The aim is also to fight the growing circumstances surrounding counterfeit of the Made in Italy brand, in particular throughout such a significant global event that is the Expo.

The companies involved are:

  • Agugiaro & Figna (Flour for pizza, Le 5 Stagioni)
  • Coppini Arte Olearia (olive oil)
  • Casale (delicatessen)
  • Steriltom (tomato pulp for the Food Service and Industrial)

The Italian style of eating not only typical Italian products
This brand aims to certify throughout the world the "Italian style of eating" not only typical Italian products.
It also wants to pass on the message that the added value comes from a collective panel of qualified Italian producers of food and wine, who are trying to spread the experience of eating well and healthy in Italy and all over the world.

Official presentation at Expo 2015
Top Food Expoerience will be officially presented at Expo 2015 on the Italian stand, in a four-day event, from 24 to 28 May, which will be attended by all national and international partners of the four founding promoters of this enterprise network that aims to involve other companies in the food sector. "We created Top Food Expoerience, a new collective brand of Italian excellence, with the goal of building a network of dynamic relationships that will increase in international food industries. We are introducing ourselves to the Expo with an experiential path to experience in order to show the value and professionalism that arise from the interplay of some of the most important companies in the Italian agricultural and food sector" said Riccardo Agugiaro, export manager of Agugiaro & Figna.

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