The role of Giovanni Rana’s restaurants

The fourth restaurant opened by Giovanni Rana in the world works in Berlin, within ‘Mall of Berlin’, the main shopping centre. It goes with the 22 restaurants opened in Italy by the Company specialised in stuffed pasta.
Gianluca Rana, CEO of the group, said: ‘Our goal is to let as many people as possible know and love Italy, and our fresh stuffed pasta is a suitable testimonial for Italian cuisine in the world. It expresses the most noble Sunday tradition, the one in which grandmothers - aunts- mothers engaged themselves for the weekly family reunion’. The formula is that of ‘showing food’, with open kitchen: pasta, in general, suits the display of food preparation, and this is especially true for fresh pasta that, in the case of Rana, is cooked in a heartbeat (less than a minute). In addition to the possibility of ordering fresh fruit juices as well as centrifuged fruit and vegetables selected at the moment, espresso coffee and cappuccino, the new restaurant also proposes in its menu cold courses, Italian salads and sweets, as well as some new products such as ‘Raviol Pizza’, giant ravioli made of fried puff pastry with heart of melted mozzarella and tomato, which recall the flavours of pizza Margherita; fried ravioli, with either salted or sweet fillings, to be tasted at the table and even in a cornet.

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