The right mix of nature and artisan wisdom

marmellate_gruppoJams are ideal in the morning on rusks, used in order to fill cakes and tarts, accompany meat and game, and can be tasted in combination with cheese. Jams are appreciated by everybody. It is a genuine product, suitable for healthy daily diet food and correct nutrition, whose preservation is an ancient and yet modern practice, which every year, at the end of summer, allows living again the atmosphere of ancient traditions, which remind all the warmth of ‘home-made’.
Preserves require ripe raw material, at the best of its organoleptic and nutritional properties, which decline a little time after gathering.
Marmalades and jams produced by the farm ‘Migliarese Bruno and sons’ - who has worked in the field of agriculture for three generations - are little, but important treasures, offered by nature and ‘artisan’ wisdom.
A fair and correct balance between utmost consideration for nature, its cycles, and harmony, as well as technical awareness, are the mission of this company, dedicated to the production and processing of fresh fruit in order to prepare jams and marmalades.

Fresh and seasonal fruit only
Tangerine, lemon, blood orange, bergamot, fig, strawberry, prickly pear, peach, apricot jams and marmalades, proposed both pure and mixed by Migliarese family, are ideal companions for snacks as they used to be in the past, thanks to the quality they can guarantee (in order to talk about ‘jam’, the percentage of fruit used for the preparation is at least 35%, ‘extra jam’ if 45% of fruit is used; when the product is prepared with citrus fruits, it is called ‘marmalade’).
shutterstock_66007483Francesco, the third generation of the family, explains: «Our goal consists in producing according our conscience, by considering ourselves as the first consumers of our products, by means of integrated systems which foster organic production and protect biodiversities, in order to rediscover flavours, scents, and typicality of the  true tradition of Calabria».
Fresh and seasonal fruit, carefully selected by hand, no use of additives and pectins, low amounts of sugar, in order to produce: bergamot, lemon, tangerine jam, suitable for filling pies, cakes, biscuits, which goes very well with fresh cheeses, too; strawberries and honey extra jam, ideal at breakfast, excellent as a filling for tarts and brioches, or strawberry extra jam, excellent as a filling for jam tarts and sweet flans.

Local products
Agriculture can be good only if it has at its base a healthy territory. The Ionian Coast of Catanzaro, in the middle of the Gulf of Squillace, where the lack of industrialization has left a legacy of green hills, intact beaches, and uncontaminated water-bearing strata. Agricultural and food products can be excellent only if, in addition to the mechanization of production processes, ancient knowledge and traditions in terms of taste, uniqueness, and authenticity are safeguarded. 9059DC51-confettura_fragola
Migliarese family just does this. Their products are ‘small treasures’ characterized by the attention which was common in the past, at a domestic level, in selecting the finest raw materials, combined with reliability of modern and in the lead production facilities, compliance with the regulations in terms of food security, in order to preserve flavours and aromas of country civilization.
All raw materials are produced in the company: citrus fruits, strawberries, peaches, apricots, figs, prickly pears. The production is personally followed step by step: from seed to harvest and processing, up to marketing. Migliarese explains: «Our production is aimed at bearing witness to a model of proper use of the land and sustainable economy, with extraordinary attention to healthy nutrition and lifestyles with a human dimension».
The production of jams is diversified: they are prepared with oranges, excellent at breakfast and also ideal for realizing spicy jam tarts and small pies; blood oranges, for filling cakes or pastries; Sicilian blood orange and bergamot for small spicy tarts; Sicilian blood orange and lemons for tarts, small cakes, biscuits, and sweet flans.
7AEF0F4D-arance_bioThe variety of extra jams is valuable: these products are prepared with apricot, tasty summer preserves which can be tasted at breakfast, suitable for filling cakes, pies, tarts and cookies; prickly pears, a fancy jam characterized by sweet and slightly aromatic flavour, which can be spread on bread for breakfast and used in order to garnish cakes and pies; peaches, for realizing jam tarts or filling cakes and brioches.
And then, the organic line of jams and marmalades: prepared with oranges; Sicilian blood oranges and lemons; tangerines; extra with figs, excellent combined with cheese.

All these products are born from an agricultural production system which tries to offer to the consumer fresh, tasty, and genuine products, respecting the cycle of nature, basing itself on common principles and practices, designed to minimize the human impact on the environment and at the same time allow the agricultural sector to operate in the most natural way.

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