Oil, bread and close your eyes

Gamma oliva_Zucchi_1New ranges in olive oil, seed oil, and vinegar for the retail and food service channels,  a new logo and a choice of sizes and packaging suitable to the needs of foreign retailers: the brand Zucchi and its further expansion into foreign markets will have an increasingly relevant role in the future of the Oleificio Zucchi, a specialist in the supply and in the production of olive oils and seed oils under its own brand as well as for private labels.
For olive oil, in addition to the classic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Olive Oil, a fruity sweet Extra Virgin Olive Oil, an organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and the two ‘top of the range’ 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Organic Extra Virgin 100% Italian, without forgetting a wide range of new flavored oils (EVO flavored with chili pepper, white truffle, lemon, orange, etc.).
Regarding seed oils, the line consists of oils of sunflower, corn, soybean, peanut and oil for frying to which organic seed oils (sunflower, corn, flax and oil for frying) and ‘special’ seed oils (pumpkin, sesame, avocado, grapeseed) that allow consumers to explore new culinary solutions focusing on seeds’ nutritional characteristics are added.
Zucchi makes its debut in vinegars market, too, with both wine vinegar - red and white -, apple vinegar and Modena balsamic vinegar.
Along with the renewal of its lines, Oleificio Zucchi has provided a complete redesign of the logo for the brand Zucchi in order to give a strong sign of change, of evolution and momentum into the future. At the base of the logo the company’s foundation year, indicating the age-old tradition of the family Zucchi: symbol of the roots that are the foundation of the company’s know-how; at the center the name of the family where the two ‘c’ are intertwined in a harmonious way to witness the family ties that have written 200 years of history in the oil’s world. The simple and clear lettering, enhanced by a gold beating, is highlighted by two thin horizontal lines above and below. The decorative element, finally, in its stylized form, evokes oil drops, symbolizes the tree of life, the tradition and the roots, with its aromas and flavors.
The restyling of the olive oil’s packaging has been carried out starting from the new positioning of the brand Zucchi and from the base concept ‘the olive’s scent’. The graphics has therefore translated the concept of perfume, which by its nature is elusive and undefined as a memory, a dream or a feeling, an image.

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