The first cellar in the world for chocolate’s aging by Sabadì

Sabadì opened in Modica the first cellar in the world for chocolate’s aging. A "perfumed" chocolate through a natural process of aging: thanks to its fat component, cocoa absorbs the aromatic notes of which it is surrounded. A complex technique to be implemented, which provides raw materials and half-processed products in different stages of the aging. The result is a chocolate full of aroma, but without the solid component from which the aroma comes from. Seven types of aging proposed by Sabadì for limited edition chocolates: tobacco, tea, flowers, herbs, spices, resins and barriques. They go from the very rare Perique and Latakia tobaccos, through the myrrh and the precious Ethiopian olibanum, to the Chinesesmoked tea or toasted mate, and continuing with the mandarin orange blossoms or the barrique woods imbued with the finest wines and spirits of the world.

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