South Tyrol puts forward the challenge of mountain sparkling wines

There is a new frontier for mountain sparkling wines. South Tyrol now represents a growing movement, with a still niche production. However, judging by both products for tasting in Milan (‘Bollicine delle Alpi’ - Bubbles from the Alps event, organized by the Italian Sommelier Association) and will that was shown by the producers who met there, it is clear that South Tyrolers are putting forward a challenge to their ‘cousins’ from Trentino.

South Tyrol sparkling wine has a long tradition. At the beginning of ’900 it was already produced according to the classical method of secondary fermentation in the bottle. Some unconfirmed sources even speak of a production that was already active from ’800, to satisfy the ‘thirst for champagne’ expressed by noble people on vacation. Official sources cite a sparkling wine from South Tyrol dating back to 1902 and produced with Riesling grapes by the winery at Oltradige ad Appiano, which in 1911 was presented as ‘Oro d’Oltradige’ at the exhibition of wines in Bolzano.

This terroir, unique from both climate and geographical point of view, is characteristic. The grapes that are used are Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, with developed acidity and strong alpine minerality. Classical method only, no artificial intervention in the vinification process. Freshness, integrated or biodynamic cultivations, demanding preparation technique for producers, and low concentration of histamine that makes these wines easily digestible, with very high average quality that, after determining the success of white wines of this land, promises to surprise fans of sparkling wines, too.

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