Melinda signs a deal with Kiku for the ISAAQ apple

MelindaMelinda strikes a new partnership that will expand its range by introducing a new reference that will start planting next Spring in Valli del Noce.

The deal signed with Kiku will guarantee the production and the distribution of a new apple variety, ISAAQ®.

ISAAQ has unique features that make it particularly attractive: excellent crunchy, satisfying taste thanks to the right balance between sugar content and refreshing acidity, nice bright red color.

It is an apple that, thanks to its small size,can be an ideal to-go healthy snack. It is perfect for anyone wishing to have a healthy bite ready to eat, during sports, at work, at school.

“This is a double opportunity for us”, said Michele Odirizzi, president of the Melinda Consortium, “both for a market prospective, both for the apple’s resistence to black spot”.

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