Shockino, the first modular chocolate is Italian

shockino 2Besides being a pleasure, eating a chocolate can also become both game and trial in terms of combinations. This idea comes from two Italian designers, Piergiorgio Carozza and Gabriele Cossu, who launched into the market the first modular chocolate. Three elements have to be combined: base, outer ring, and pin (the heart of the chocolate, consisting of a mixture of granulated biscuits, almonds, nuts and chocolate chips).

Shockino is patented project whose production is entrusted to D'Abate Ltd., a company with nearly forty years of history in the art of processing chocolate. Base and ring are realized with the technique of ‘ganache’, which requires handmade intervention.

shockinoThe tastes of this product tell about the most famous Italian territorial excellences in the domain of pastry-making, from pistachio from Bronte to hazelnuts from Piedmont, up to such more original flavours for a chocolate, as tintilia, an autochthonous wine coming from one of the smallest Italian regions, Molise. Some more international flavours, too, are present, such as cinnamon from Madagascar or coffee from Guatemala. At present, 18 tastes altogether are spread in the different components. With them, it is possible to create up to 216 combinations.

Three sizes are available: Box with 36 components for 216 combinations, box with 9 components, with which it is possible to realize 27 mixtures, and ‘mono mix’, which contains the elements for a single chocolate, available in the combinations that are especially appreciated by consumers.

‘Shockino mix experience’ received an honourable mention as innovative product of food design in December 2015 at ‘Compasso d’oro (Golden Compass)’ international competition and was selected in the ‘ADI Design Index 2015’.

It is distributed in gourmet stores and high-end restaurants.

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