Roncadin produces gluten free pizzas

After the opening of the fifth production line by Roncadin Company in the main plant in Friuli region, which took place last summer, now the production of gluten-free pizzas has begun. These new products are realized in an innovative, dedicated line in the new production site in Genoa. 50% of the capitals in support of this operation come by Roncadin and 50% by Francesco Palau, associate of the Company and president of ‘Appetais Italy’, producer of ready meals of Italian cuisine.Roncadin

This Company at Meduno (Pordenone), with 390,000 pizzas per day in production, points to the objective of 80 million pieces produced in a year, for total proceeds of sales of 90 million Euros. To these result, the 10 million pieces per year that Roncadin plans to produce in its new plant in Liguria will be added. Dario Roncadin, CEO of the company, says: ‘We decided to realize a gluten free line in order to satisfy the needs of a niche market, to meet the needs expressed by consumers who cannot or do not want to consume products containing gluten. To the first two recipes put into production, other versions may be added in the future. All of them will be distributed with both Roncadin and Appetais brands’.

Roncadin01The position of Genoa, a strategic hub for trade in the United States, affected the choice of this town as the site for the new ‘Roncadin’ plant. Roncadin is a Company characterized by international vocation. Over 70% of it proceeds of sales comes from exports: the main foreign markets are the United Kingdom and Germany, and in 2013 a sales division was opened in the United States (Roncadin will be at Fancy Food Show 2016 in San Francisco from 17 to 19 January 2016 in San Francisco on booth 3835) . Dario Roncadin explains: ‘In Italy and especially abroad, the market requires continuous innovations, also regarding such niches as vegan or gluten-free products. Roncadin is attentive to market novelties and for this reason we are continuously increasing our offer. We carefully select the ingredients we use. For the base of our products, we use a mix of flours produced by Italian mills and the water that comes from the reservoir of Friulian Dolomites. In addition, we grant to the dough the right rising time, from 5 to 24 hours, thus using very little yeast, less than 1%. The cooking takes place in a wood oven, with certified beech logs, and an oven in fire-resistant stone. And the filling is manual: the addition of the ingredients is done by hand, with control of the aesthetic aspect, too’.

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