Pomì at ‘Winter Fancy Food’ 2016

PomìConsorzio Casalasco del Pomodoro producers’ association continues with the development overseas of its brand concerning tomato products through its subsidiary Pomì USA. It is increasing its activities and is ready to launch a new organic line.

‘Consorzio Casalasco del Pomodoro’ producers’ association has just completed the fusion by incorporation with Arp. As it had announced, now this producers’ association aims at strengthening ‘Pomì’ brand in foreign markets. In the USA territory, where its position was already established, its goal consists in growing further through its subsidiary ‘Pomì USA’, which from January 17th to 19th will be present at ‘Winter Fancy Food Show’ in San Francisco.

Costantino VaiaThe company founded by the Consortium has imported and distributed Pomì products since 2009 in the United States, managing at the same time both trade policies and marketing. The work carried out over the last six years has allowed the brand to reach a premium positioning in over 20 thousand sale points, with a preference for areas of New York and Florida on the East Coast, as well as San Francisco and Los Angeles on the West Coast.

Relying on the positive response it received, Pomì USA, which closed 2015 with more than 10% in terms of increase, is now preparing the launch of its new organic line, with the aim of intercepting a growing interest by American consumers, too, for more simple and natural products. Costantino Vaia, general manager of ‘Consorzio Casalasco del Pomodoro’ and president of the US company, confirms it. He speaks about ‘a lively and active market, subject to continuously evolving trends’.

Vaia highlights: ‘The export of Italian products to the United States is increasing year by year, and, for what concerns us, it is one of the most important opportunities in terms of growth. Even in 2015 we continued to invest in communication, and the return in terms of sales has been extremely positive’.

Precisely with the aim of telling Italian excellence and quality of its products, Pomì USA during the ‘Winter Fancy Food’ Show will propose its excellences under ‘The Extraordinary Italian Taste’ sign, taking part in an alimentary event which gathers more than 1,400 exhibitors from 35 Countries, for more than 80 thousand references.

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