Sapori Antichi, 100% Made in Italy Coloured Pasta

AB-Generica 2Passion, a strong tie with the land, quality, and innovation are the foundations of the success met by Sapori Antichi at Villa Santina, in the province of Udine, born in 1996 from an intuition of its founder’s, Marco Zanier. Year after year, Sapori Antichi has established itself in the field of high quality pasta. Pasta by Sapori Antichi represents a true excellence of Made in Italy, because the raw materials, which comply with the BRC and IFS regulations, come from the national territory only and the processing system follows the Italian tradition of pasta production. In addition, the products realized by Sapori Antichi are characterized by different variants, as for their colours, too, and have a strong visual impact.

350 thousand kg of pasta are produced annually, divided into five main categories, including durum wheat semolina pasta and pasta nests, but three varieties are the most appreciated abroad: ‘Pasta sei colori’, ‘Pasta multicolore’, and ‘Pasta della nonna’.

Pasta sei colori

Six natural ingredients are used, such as turmeric, sepia, paprika, spinach, beetroot, and durum wheat semolina; it achieves a perfect combination of colours and flavours. It is characterized by brightness and, combined with a simple sauce, is able to surprise every guest.

Pasta multicolore

It is realized in the most classic sizes of the Italian tradition, with genuine ingredients manufactured according to traditional techniques and without any additive or colouring agent.

Pasta della Nonna

It is the most valuable expression of egg pasta, prepared exclusively with fresh eggs and durum wheat semolina, without adding water. The dough is prepared as it happens for homemade pasta and it is spread with two rolls only. It preserves the most of its organoleptic characteristics and it is presented in many versions, always based on natural ingredients, from the classic ‘paglia e fieno con spinaci’, noodles with porcini mushrooms, to pasta with lemon, which can be combined with fresh fish. 93-Farfalline Multicolori SL

The visual impact
At present, 60% of the company’s production concerns foreign markets, especially Canada, the United States, France, Spain, Andorra, Germany, Great Britain, Austria, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, Lebanon, Hong Kong, and New Caledonia. In these Countries, distributors and agents resell Zanier products to specialized buyers, delicatessens and deli corner in large-scale retail trade. This company, which in the future aims at entering the markets of Russia, Scandinavia and the Arab Countries, too, has worked hard for packaging, which is carried out in artisan way, enhancing the products as much as possible by means of g 250 and 500 transparent packs provided with eye-catching caps in cardboard and adhesive labels. Paola Fachin, Export manager and partner of the company, explains: «This way, we are able to enhance the brightness of our pasta and guarantee that it is easily distinguishable. The visual impact of our products is certainly one of our strengths. We have created a company leader in the production of coloured pasta and have established ourselves in the American market, thanks to a product which distinguishes itself from all the other ones thanks to its colour as well as the quality of its ingredients. This is our greatest satisfaction. We will continue to expand into new markets, both foreign and domestic, and will study and design more and more competitive products, in terms of both quality and price».

28-Cuoricini 6 Colori SL

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