Acetaia Leonardi: a ‘versatile’ balsamic vinegar

acetaia_botticandelaVersatility, innovation respecting tradition, ability to perceive in advance the needs expressed by customers as well as different markets, attention to the quality of both raw materials and materials: these are the ingredients of the success of Acetaia Leonardi. The company, now at its fourth generation, devotes itself to the production of Modena DOP traditional balsamic vinegar and balsamic seasonings. Now this legacy has passed into Giovanni Leonardi’s hands. He is a master vinegar-maker, who, alongside with his family and precious collaborators, continues to cultivate the vineyards they own in the land of Modena and produces 40 types of balsamic vinegar, which differ in essence and aging, but have one feature in common: they are 100% natural, produced ​​only in the territory of Modena and with local raw materials.

L130Leonardi products, which boast Cermert, IFS and HACCP, and BRC certifications, are designed for a 60% to foreign markets, especially the ones of United States, Canada, Germany, France, and Russia. They are marketed through specialist buyers, importers and distributors who deal on site these products in order to sell them to restaurants, hotels, specialized shops, delicatessens, and wine shops. Giovanni Leonardi explains: «Besides the established markets, we are trying to promote balsamic vinegars and seasonings also in such emerging markets as South America, Asia, and the Middle East. With regard to the distribution, then, it is impossible to generalize. It is necessary to consider, from time to time, tastes, culturG128e, and needs of the various markets. The Northern Countries, for example, prefer fruit-flavoured products, while the Arab ones appreciate products prepared with dates, the European Countries bordering Italy the most traditional tastes, and Asian white seasonings. Only the consumers who have a superficial knowledge of balsamic vinegar limit its use to the classic salad. In fact, just thanks to the characteristics of the different products, related to the years of aging and the wood essences, balsamic vinegar is a versatile ingredient and therefore it is suitable for the most varied uses in cuisine. As a matter of fact, a young product, more liquid and slightly more acid, lends itself to daily use on salads, cooked and boiled vegetables, omelettes; on the other hand, an intermediate product, more full-bodied and dense, is suitable for such first courses as pasta and risotto, grilled or roasted meat, smoked salmon, caviar, Foie Gras, and pancakes. Aged vinegars are perfect for cheese, ice cream, fruit salad, strawberries, dark chocolate, and as a digestive after a meal. We will continue focusing on quality and tradition, since the efforts and commitment we made so far rewarded us with both national and international awards and acknowledgements, as well as the appreciation expressed by chefs and experts».


It is a distinguishing part of Leonardi products. It is indicative of a complete care for the product. The ‘Rosso’ line proposes the classic collection; the ‘Gold Luxury' line is enclosed in special and elegant pearly tubes; the ‘Gold' is characterized by the glitter of golden colour as well as uniqueness of its packs; 'Caprice' distinguishes itself for its great variety in packaging and flavours; this line is designed for food service and catering, while the ‘Balsamic Diamond’ collection proposes gems of taste and style, in order to celebrate the 140th anniversary of this vinegar works, with precious packages studded with Swarovski crystals. The search for new materials is unceasing. So, velvet packaging and labels in pewter for ‘Velvet’ collections, and applications of crystal for the ‘Swarovski’ collection are proposed, as well as boxes in wood, hot foil gold stamping, sealing wax. Everything, from bottling to packaging, is accomplished in artisan way and proposed in different sizes and materials, in order to meet consumers’ most various needs.cla-693


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