Caseificio Paleni, mountain’s taste

«From the very beginning of our history, we have tried to pay rigorous attention to our oldest dairy traditions, in order to offer products closely linked to our territory». Pierclaudio Paleni describes this way the activity carried on by his family for over a century. A perfect symbiosis between technology and the dairy tradition characterizes the production of Caseificio Paleni, which processes every day about 400 tons of milk coming from the mountains of Valcavallina, Alto Sebino, and Seriana Valley only.
Saporone interoSaporone di Montagna: it has been produced since the middle of the last century. 10 thousand cheeses are produced per year. Its shape is cylindrical, its maturation lasts more than 6 months, its paste is slightly hard, characterized by a straw-yellow colour with many holes, and definitely a tasty flavour, which makes it suitable for preparing the famous Italian ‘polenta taragna’.

Toma Monte Corna, produced in 80 thousand cheeses per year, is characteristic thanks to its round shape and marked holes. This is the result of wise production methods and aging. Its rind is bright, characterized by lightly browned colour, with branding. The aromatic taste of its paste makes it ideal for raw consumption or in combination with polenta or compotes.toma intera 2

Riccio is a relatively new product. Its taste is young and sweet. 60 thousand cheeses of it are produced per year. Its ripening is relatively short, from 15 days up. Its shape is cylindrical, with white rind. The development of a light clear mould gives this cheese a pleasant scent of musk, which makes it ideal in combination with compotes prepared with balsamic vinegar or chutney. Riccio-tagliere

Quality and reliability
Continuous checks are carried out on the whole production, in order to guarantee high quality cheeses to the customers in the name of typicality. Paleni states: «These features have allowed us to become known abroad. Today we export our products thanks to importers and retail chains in Poland, Germany, and the United States, and for the future we aim at the Countries of Northern Europe, where we think there is a greater potential for sales. Reliability, consistency in the relationships with our customers and suppliers and, above all, enhancement of the quality of our products have always been the values ​​which we will continue to pursue, because we think that they are the only way to grow in the current market».


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