Salumificio Chiesa: typical Ligurian cold cuts

_RES1642The 'Salumificio Chiesa', founded in 1913 by Albino Chiesa, which is now in its centenary and the in 4th generation, operates in the name of tradition. It boasts a long experience in the production of typical cold cuts of the Ligurian gastronomic excellence. Its ideas project it into the future, with the quality of its proposals, and the ability of understanding modern consumer’s needs.
The current production facility combines the technology of the equipment and the experience of working systems of the past, «as the modern plants are used by specialized personnel for the processing of top-quality pork meat, at the base of the entire production», Guido Ghiringhelli, sales manager of the company, says.
The company's mission has always been quality. Hence the constant research of selected raw materials in order to achieve high productive results, as well as attention and openness which characterize the relationships with customers, now not only Italian, but also Dutch, French, German, Polish, Swedish, Austrian, and Swiss.
All this, «always keeping the rooting in its land, as some products show, because our history is here, too».
Cold cuts strongly tied with the Ligurian land

_RES1684The genuineness, quality, uniqueness, excellence are today testified by the ‘three slices’ with which the Gambero Rosso awarded the ‘Salumificio Chiesa’.
Specifically, the ‘Lardo con basilico Genovese DOP’ (Lard with DOP basil of Genoa) has been awarded, selected from over 1200 products: ‘An appealing slice with a large presence of ivory-coloured fat, characterized by a beautiful compactness and different shades of pink in the lean part. Its scent is fresh, with delicate floral notes, a strong, but overall not intrusive presence of basil. Balance and delicacy in the salting, too, and a pleasant meltiness’: this is the reason for the acknowledgement.
Ghiringhelli says with pride: «It is a well-deserved acknowledgement for those who for years have decided to invest in products based on such specialties of their own territory, which is just Liguria, as aromas, Vessalico garlic, and basil. The experience gained by the company over the years has allowed realizing an outstanding product, with such a quantity of basil as to confer the right freshness to the product, besides ensuring an aesthetic appearance of strong impact».
There are many unique cold cuts produced by this company, all ISO 9001 2008 certified, linked to this territory: the 'Salame dolce con aglio di Vessalico’ (sweet sausage with Vessalico garlic), a Slow Food protected product, prepared with the lean meat of the Po Valley only, flavoured with fresh processed garlic, cleansed ‘in soul’, cold whisked, and led in alimentary gauze with wine, in order to transfer to the meats only the scents; the ‘Prosciuto cotto alle erbe aromatiche liguri’ (baked ham with herbs of Liguria): processed entirely by hand, salted and flavoured with such dried herbs as thyme and rosemary or such fresh herbs as garden savoury; it is baked after being tied by hand and then roasted with non-resinous wood; the 'Pancetta alle erbe aromatiche liguri’ (Bacon with herbs of Liguria): characterized by strong taste, dry salted, and enriched by the Ligurian chopped herbs, thyme and rosemary, in order to flavour it. prosciutto cottoGhiringhelli says: «But the real strength of our company is the traditional delicatessen, for consumers who want to taste the classic flavours without ‘theme’ alterations». And so, salami, which the company produces in three versions: home-grown, rustic, with truffle versions; diced salami with Barolo wine; bacon, whose shape changes depending on the variety: square in the case of flat bacon, smoked or classic, round, for the 'Magretta’ and the 'Coppata’, so called because it is obtained by rolling a part of the bacon alongside with a ‘Coppa’, whose delicate scent may vary depending on the spices used, giving rise, for example, to the peppered bacon; the ‘Lardo pancettato’ and loin, in addition to the classic par excellence Parma ham, sausage, speck, and bresaola.salami


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