Pasta Zara: our market is the world

Pasta ZaraIn a little more than a century of history, Pasta Zara, from being a small workshop has become  renowned and appreciated all over the world. It was born in 1898 in Treviso as an artisan workshop to produce pasta and it has always been linked in a visceral way to its place of origin. Always keeping unchanged, in all these decades, the founding values ​​of their activity (from the careful selection of the best durum wheat semolina to the process of pasta-making with the help of the latest technology) has made the success of Pasta Zara possible. Pasta Zara is the most important exporter of pasta, as it reaches 106 Countries, and it is the second producer. Furio BragagnoloFurio Bragagnolo, the president, confirms: «Our market is the world. Our brand was born in the 1950s and over time it has stood out at the international level. Our development has been unceasing, and we intend to continue. Today the headquarters are located at Riese Pio X, in the province of Treviso, while other two plants have been recently opened at Muggia, in the province of Trieste, and at Rovato, in the province of Brescia, so strengthening the company's development plan.
Penne rigate and Spaghetti
PenneThe catalogue of Pasta Zara is very wide: it ranges from traditional products to large sizes, from organic pasta to whole wheat one, from gluten free pasta to the one with such new grains as spelt. Bragagnolo continues: «The history of pasta is lost in the mists of time and the Italian production is a reference in the world. For this reason, we strongly believe in the value of Made in Italy in the world. Our production capacity for the year 2013 has been 280 thousand tonnes. Excellent quality at a highly competitive price is the main feature and distinguishing characteristic of our products, all characterized by the most important national and international certifications, including the Kosher one». Among these products, the most popular formats are the Penne rigate and the Spaghetti. The latter correspond to 30% of the company’s production and are mainly exported to Germany, Russia, and Brazil. Their visual elegance, their taste and typical colour as result of a long drying and their ability of staying firm after cooking distinguish them. Spaghetti
Stay at the top
The export of pasta Zara, realized by means of distributors and buyers, is worth as much as 92% of its total turnover. 51% concerns the European Community, Germany in particular, 14% the rest of Europe, 12% the Scandinavian Countries, 10% Middle East, 5% Far East, 4%, Africa, 3% America, and 1% Australia and Oceania. Over the past few years, the company has increased its presence in the markets of Eastern Europe, such as Russia, Hungary, and Croatia, as well as in Japan, Middle East, and Africa, addressing some entirely new Countries, such as the United States, with a huge potential. Pasta Zara works with all the major brands of the large-scale retail trade, too, producing for the respective private label. Bragagnolo ends: «In the future we aim at producing more and more, reaching such new markets as North Africa and new areas of the Middle East, and developing innovative products. Alongside with my sisters, Arianna and Franca, and my brother, Umberto, we have significantly developed our company, and this is our greatest satisfaction. The winning formula for our success? Product quality, quick delivery, even in the case of large quantities, and attractive price. I am sure that these characteristics will allow us to stay at the top of the most important pasta factories in the world in the coming years».Spaghetti alla puntenge romantica


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