Rovagnati launches a lighter Snello salami

To meet more and more consumers' needs, who wish to eat with taste while remaining lightweight, Rovagnati decided to make its Snello salami less fat. The new Snello reference is a product with 55% fat less than the classic Milano salami.

Snello is a one and only product in the salami market and it is prepared only with Italian pork meat, by using the lightest thigh cuts, with a careful selection of aromas and spices. The new Snello salami comes in the market sliced in a pan and packaged in a protective atmosphere to stay exquisite, fragrant and easy to digest. It is perfect for those who want or need to control their own food but who do not want to give up the pleasure of good food. Snello Salami, like the other line’s references, is gluten and milk-derived free and it is available in 80gr or 50gr pans.

I Firmati by ROVAGNATI go gluten-free

To grasp the main market trends quickly, by always paying attention to the needs of consumers, Rovagnati decided to certify with the barred ear of wheat brand the whole I Firmati line. This certification, given by  a third party, is the result of a number of product controls, and it is aimed at maintaining a quality, tasty and safe product, since more and more people are forced to live with allergies and food intolerances. I Firmati by  Rovagnati are the cooked ham, the raw ham, mortadella and bresaola. All of them are gluten, milk derivatives, polyphosphates and glutamate free, but there are also speck, cold smoked with precious beechwood, salami and roasted ham.

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