Riscossa Pasta Factory competes in the world for its space on the shelves

Quality Made in Italy products that push into premium segments to meet an evolving demand. Riscossa Pasta Factory introduces new pasta lines with high quality profile, which hinge on the national origin of raw material and propose these product to global markets, confirming the export-oriented vocation of the Company, which already accounts for 60% of the 40 million Euros of its turnover abroad. Margherita Mastromauro, general manager of Riscossa Pasta Factory, said: ‘We come from a long crisis on the domestic market, which has led many companies in the sector of pasta to go abroad. So, now we find abroad, too, the crowding on the shelves that characterizes retail in Italy. Therefore, the only way to emerge is to produce quality products, with trendy, high-ranking content’.

The most important innovation brought into the market by Riscossa Pasta Factory in 2017 is a range of bronze drawn pasta with 100% Italian wheat with slow drying, to preserve both organoleptic and nutritional properties. Margherita Mastromauro continues: ‘The critical point was to produce quality pasta with Italian wheat only, look for raw materials and right blend that could give both protein quality and colour. We wanted our pasta to be yellow gold, the typical colour of pasta, and we worked on this and on the baking performances, guaranteeing high level standards’. In the range of Riscossa Pasta Factory, there is a new organic whole wheat pasta produced with 100% Italian wheat, and the first gluten free line, produced with rice and whole rice flour, corn and quinoa, which is part of the ‘free from’ segment, which is rapidly growing in this economic situation.

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