Balocco is growing well (and not just at Christmas time)

In the last 10 years, just investments in technology have exceeded 55 million Euros. This year, 10 million Euros have been invested. Balocco is a confectionery company whose premises are at Fossano (Cuneo-Piedmont) that this year will reach almost 170 million Euros in sales. It is healthy enterprise, which continues to grow and, at the same time, continues to invest. BaloccoAlberto Balocco, managing director of his family business, explains that last summer the first phase of the extension of the factory was concluded. Now the premises extend on 46 thousand covered square metres in an area of ​​70 thousand square metres. The strengthening of the company is based on a diversification of its core business: alongside the traditional festive products (‘Panettone’ and ‘Pandoro’ for Christmas, ‘colomba Easter cake’ for Easter, for a total of 23 million units sold each year), the company provides for a higher incidence of ‘continuous division’, thanks to 4 lines for the production of biscuits for breakfast, and two lines for wafers.

The plants of the company are in operation throughout the year, and necessarily a progressive growth has been recorded on international markets, too, where Balocco achieved 10% of sales last year, while the export share should increase to 12% for 2015.

Alberto Balocco explains: ‘We are growing well abroad, regarding Christmas cakes, but we go even better with regard to exports of biscuits and non-seasonal products in general’. Thus this company from Piedmont strengthens its position in Asia, including Islamic Countries, especially with regard to the sale of biscuits, while Great Britain, France, Germany, and North America ensure the growth as for Christmas cakes. But even in Muslim Countries and in Buddhist ones, too, there is a growing tendency to celebrate Christmas, leaving aside religious convictions.

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