Riso Scotti in the world is “Italian way”

la gamma Chiccolat

Italian Way of Eating
Riso Scotti distributes its products in over 70 countries, including many non-European. It has divided the world into five strategic areas supervised by an organized network, that interfaces with different cultures and religions, with the firm conviction that today who exports the Italian way wins. The strategy is therefore to produce Italian quality and spread it around the world. In other words, the aim is to export the Italian way of eating with Risotti able to seduce foreigners taste with a diversification of products based on rice as a main ingredient.

The new frontier is Chiccolat for China
Riso Scotti has already begun to market its vegetable based drink Chiccolat -very popular in a country that records 80% of lactose intolerance- where the company is focusing on establishing stable relations and open new channels to a wider range of products. The mission for Riso Scotti is to be able to go beyond the export of vegetable drinks and to sell its rice and alternative products, such as sweet and savory snacks, direct to buyers and Chinese consumers.

The e-commerce channel
With the collaboration of cultural mediator Armando Tschang and its support in the search for business partners, the Company has signed a contract for the supply of vegetable drinks produced from rice by CCIG Mall (the largest platform of B2B e-commerce with China and in direct competition with the giant Alibaba). Last December saw the first container of more than 21 thousand liters of Chiccolat vegetable drinks exported (100% of Italian production and gluten free). Other similar shipments are imminent: all produced by Bivio Vela which has a production capacity of about 20 million litres a year.

Chinese consumers are very demanding
"Both in terms of quality and food security”, explains Pedro Soro Gomar, International Sales Director for the range of vegetable drinks Riso Scotti - and an Italian food brand such as Riso Scotti is a guarantee of these. Furthermore this is the world’s largest rice producer, a food which has been part of the basic diet of the population for thousands of years. China does not have the knowledge or technology to achieve vegetable based drinks, since rice is mainly consumed as a raw material without undergoing any processing. For this reason we are sure it will prove a very receptive market for our products. "

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