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The common meaning of the word Kosher indicates the suitability of a food to be consumed by the Jewish people according to the dietary laws of the Jewish religion which are established in the Torah and interpreted from the exegesis of the Talmud. Kosher certification is therefore a service offered to food companies oriented to domestic and international markets. To obtain "the Kosher certification" means producing food that is considered suitable for consumption and compliant with Kosher food rules.

This certification is indispensable to prove transparency in the product that has obtained the Kosher. The consumer is informed that the certified product has successfully passed the strict procedures to obtain it.

Raw Materials
The raw materials supplier for the industry can certify its products with this valuable recognition, ensuring the loyalty of its customers. In Italy, the Kosher certification is developing fast. The final producer chooses to use the Kosher recognition, opting for a supplier that will have certified kosher products, in order to be present in the list where raw materials are approved by the Client.

Finished products
The achievement of the Kosher certification for the products targeted for direct consumption, provides the application of the Kosher brand on the packaging of food products. This classification aims to increase the sale of products in all countries where they are already distributed.

Over 40,000 products for consumers in some countries
In countries where the Kosher products are very common, such as France, UK, America, Russia, South Africa, Australia and clearly Israel, you can find a variety of over 40,000 products available for the consumer.


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