Rigoni opens Naturalmente in Milan

Laura Seguso

A basic furnished but very elegant lounge, a cozy space where you can enjoy an ice cream, a coffee, have breakfast, but also organize a brunch or happy hour, only with organic food. That is the new Rigoni di Asiago store in Milan. This first concept store has opened in via Buonarroti 15, inspired by the values ​​of nature and naturality. It also has a beautiful vertical garden.20150623_110748

Ice-cream is a special feature of this shop: it doesn’t contain milk, sugar or eggs and is always creamy and delicious. This innovative product is made only with Rigoni fruit. The Chef Alessandro Dal Degan from the Asiago "La Tana" restaurant, together with Carpigiani, the producer of ice cream machines have dedicated three years to the study of this special recipe.

The shop window doesn’t display the classic tanks full of ice-cream but a plant consisting of several small silos, one for each of the 13 flavors. 8 are fruit flavors and 3 are creamy flavors, all made from the secret recipe. Packages which include fruit come directly from Asiago, they are poured into the batch freezer where every flavour is worked to its ideal temperature, and in three minutes the product is ready.

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