Education and communication in the supply chain of Vicentini Carni

Elena Giordano

Vicentini Carni is a company which exclusively works with BtoB channel (large-scale retail trade, wholesalers, butchers, catering), but it implemented a certified supply chain (UNI EN ISO 22500: 2008 standard), that deserved to be told and to reach the final consumer, too. Roberta Vicentini, marketing manager of Vicentini Carni, explains: ‘At the base of the supply chain, there are many important efforts in terms of quality and management of the entire path that leads from breeding to slaughter and sectioning. The guarantee provided by an external certifying body is a reason for pride as well as safety for the product itself. So, the consumers are sure to know what they are eating’.

Taste The meat which comes from certified supply chain has a different taste, which is immediately perceptible. It is more tender and tasty. ‘This is why we chose to allow trying and tasting the meat coming from our supply chain to buyers during ‘TuttoFood’, the last trade fair which took place last May in Milan. Our meat justifies, thanks to its quality and tastiness, the different price proposed for it. A guarantee for its quality is also provided by the controls that the members of the company, still a family-run one, carry out in their farms. They verify that the animals follow a proper diet and grow in conditions of life intended to produce valuable meat’.

Poster designing The quality which characterizes the meat coming from ‘Vicentini’ is also communicated to end consumers. How? By means of the most effective tool, that is to say word of mouth. Even if our logo is not visible on our trays, the meat tasted and tested by end users is chosen and sought-after again. The task of the chains which have a butcher counter (or retailer) consists in explaining that in fact the meat in question comes from supply chain and is certified.

Space for consumers on website, too

Since last January, ‘Vicentini Carni’ has been online with its new website. The Company has seen that messages as well as information were addressed both to BtoB and BtoC customers. The aim always consists in educational campaigns, that is to say raising awareness of the different beef cuts which can be combined to the different courses to prepare. The marketing manager of the Company adds: ‘In order to facilitate the choice of Vicentini meat in the sale point, also in the absence of a mark that makes it recognizable, we would like to insert on our website an useful section for the end customer, in order to help to learn how to read the traceability label. As for us, the information relating to our CE stamp allows to unequivocally understand the origin of our meat’.

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