Babbi Wafer Viennesi

babbiSince 1952, Babbi has produced ice-cream cones, wafers, and semi-finished products for ice-cream masters. ‘Wafer Viennesi’ and ‘Waferini (Small wafer)’ are the flagships of Babbis’ production. Their fragrance has won gourmands worldwide. The search for the delicate balance between raw materials, recipes, and processes has always marked the creation of every product proposed by Babbi, delicious specialities characterized by unique and special taste. This brand is synonymous with sweetness, but also authenticity and safety. As a matter of fact, from the roasting of hazelnuts, almonds, pine nuts and pistachios to the refining of creams, from pasteurization of aromatic pastes to preparation and cooling of wafers, each step is performed within the company, in order to guarantee to all lovers of sweets an exquisitely perfect experience. Good things come from a daily work performed with commitment and
passion. Must this passion for sweetness, pleasure, quality, and tradition has led Babbi over the years
to grow all over the world, creating always new, increasingly irresistible specialities, which have been
able to win generations of gourmands.


Production capacity: About 3000 tonnes per year
Next new products: ‘Golose Babbi’: a complete range of Classic and Dark Chocolate Creams, as well as ‘Gianduia’, Pistachio, White Chocolate, which can be directly used in the ice-cream display case, or in order to produce, variegate, or decorate Ice Cream and Desserts.
Private label (available to produce/already producer): No
Delivery time: 5 business days

Shelf life: From 8 to 24 months
Pack Format: Each product line has its own specific packaging
Type of packaging: Buckets in PET, glass, aluminium bags are used
Shipping recommended / used: The products are packed in cartons for shipment and are shipped by courier
Countries where it is exported: Europe, Far East, Middle East, South America, United States
Certifications: ISO 9001 issued by CSQA
Certification: organic: no