Avesani I Tesori della tradizione


The history of ‘Avesani’ pasta factory is a happy Italian experience characterized by both passion and tradition for the production of typical local products, especially tortellini, ravioli, tortelloni, fresh egg pasta, and fresh potato gnocchi. This family business was founded in 1951, and is now in its third generation. Its philosophy has always consisted in producing high quality products. The company is located in the province of Verona, in a recently built factory where, applying the highest standards of production with constant attention to the quality of the ingredients, every day over 15 tonnes of product are produced.

ECR Category of membership: fresh pasta
Geographic Area of production: Veneto Region
Certification of origin, class or category of label: Ifs, Brc, Iso 22000
Shelf life: 60 days
Pack Format: 250 g
Shipping recommended / used: Tray, tuft small bag
Countries where it is exported: in all Ue countries