Piada d’Oro, the taste of Romagna

Piada d'OroIn a small laboratory on the Adriatic Coast, in the mid-nineties, the ‘Piada d’Oro’ was born. It is a company which base all its work on craftsmanship and the respect for both tradition and culture of this land. It aims at transforming the famous ‘piadina’, formerly known as the ‘poor man's bread’, in a daily food on everybody’s table. To date, the Piada d'Oro, situated on the hillside near the municipality of Saludecio (in the province of Rimini), is managed by the two owners Moreno Giulianelli and Maurizio Benzi and can count on 2,700 metres of covered structure, of which 1,900 are dedicated to the production and 800 to logistics. There are two separate production areas: the first one produces exclusively the IGP ‘piadina’ according to the tradition of Rimini, the company's core business, realized for years for private labels; the second area is dedicated to the production of the range of stuffed products: the stuffed ‘Cascione’ of Romagna and the stuffed piadina with filling.Piada d'oro 037

The stuffed Piadina and the Cascione

Both stuffed Piadina and Cascione in the past were prepared in order to take advantage of the various remaining raw materials, such as cheese, bran, and cold cuts, and were cooked with what was available at the time, such as vegetables harvested in the fields. The goodness of the raw materials is combined with the convenience and speed in preparing them.stuffed Piadina

The filled Piadina, with either cooked or uncooked ham with cheese, are folded as a crescent and open at their sides, on which it is possible to see the filling inside them. If heated, they keep the fragrance of the freshly baked Piadina.

The Cascione, with mozzarella and tomato, mozzarella and vegetables, mushrooms and mozzarella, and 4 cheeses, are closed and have more substantial dough in order to contain moister fillings. Their dough results to be fragrant, when heated, and it is characterized by a skilful balance, thanks to the use of mozzarella: when it melts, it does not combine the different flavours of the fillings.Cascione

The total production capacity of the Piada d’Oro is of about 12,000 pieces per day, and they are required by both large-scale retail trade and food service as snack products.

Freshness, quality, typicality
The IFS certification, the controls, and the inside procedures, both on the incoming raw materials and on the products in output, are one of the strengths of the ‘Piada d’Oro’, as well as the packaging. It is a strategic and fundamental aspect, for which the company, in recent years, has invested in technology, new wrappers, and graphics. Today the image of the products follows the warm colours of the land of Romagna, and in order to protect and enhance them, heat-sealed trays are used: they guarantee both seal and fragrance, and convey messages of freshness, quality, and typicality. The owners, Maurizio Benzi and Moreno Giulianelli, explain: «The interest for our company by international operators is exclusively due to our products, which can boast quality and, at the same time, craftsmanship and innovation. Our greatest satisfaction consists in being able to organize, in recent years, a structure which can now serve even private labels. We will not neglect the market of the Piadina of Romagna, but our company’s focus is currently aimed at the world of filled products: for this reason, one of our goals consists in putting the new production premises of these two ranges to the line. They currently work only for 30% of their capacity. We want to improve ourselves and realize better and better items, characterized by the added value of the service to the consumer. This will allow us to reach new markets, in addition to the ones with which we have already worked for a long time, such as Switzerland, France, Australia, and America, and besides the ones with which we have established new projects, including Germany, Belgium, Austria, and Netherlands».


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