Franciacorta has its Eretiq

EretiQ ambieEnhance the more difficult variety of Franciacorta, which represent only the 3% of the total area of the denomination: the Pinot Blanc. This is the mission of Mario Falcetti, since 2008 director of Quadra. Eretiq is a strong name for a wine break, called 'The other Franciacorta'. It is in fact the only one which doesn’t use Chardonnay, today over 80% of the vineyards, choosing instead a blend of Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc.

The lead role is played just by the latter. «This variety is synonymous with elegance, expressiveness - Falcetti explains. It is a difficult grape variety, which in terms of agronomic requires special attention and it is very demanding. However, if you find the ideal territory, as our moraine hill, the wine acquires a particular finesse». Just to enhance this character, Mario Falcetti decided to avoid the wood  of Pinot Blanc, with the goal of maintaining the integrity of the expression of varietal, thus eliminating any superstructure. «I like to call my wines 'Romanesque and Baroque': zero residual sugar, zero Chardonnay, zero compromise».

Eretiq is the fruit of the knowledge of the territory, which Falcetti has matured in recent years. After a career as a researcher at the Institute of San Michele, where he became one of the leading experts on zoning, he was the coordinator of the international group dedicated to the OIV 'Terroir'. He later led the company Contadi Castaldi and, since 2008, he is the director of Quadra, a company that he himself defines «young with old vineyards and a dated experience».


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