Pdo Gorgonzola must be prepared with fresh milk only

“PDO Gorgonzola cheese has always been produced and will always be produced using fresh Italian cow's milk coming within a day's time from farms in the production area between Lombardy and Piedmont”. Renato Invernizzi, President of the Consortium for the Protection of Gorgonzola cheese, confirms this on behalf of 38 member companies.Presidente Consorzio Renato Invernizzi low “Our Consortium carefully supervises the production regulations, approved by the member companies, to which all affiliates voluntarily and carefully adhere”. President Invernizzi concludes: “Only respect for quality and authenticity can ensure that PDO Gorgonzola cheese is constantly known and loved all over the world, as both consumption and exports confirm, because they continue to increase”.

The warning from the European Commission, that asks Italy to allow the production of cheeses with powdered or reconstituted milk, comes after a complaint by an Italian section of dairy industry. This section claims that it was disadvantaged by an Italian law which forbids dairy companies based in Italy to use such specific products as powdered and condensed milk in the production of lacto dairy products. The Commission itself underlines that all Italian products protected by European quality designations (PGI, PDO, TSG) are not involved in this investigation, because the European policy concerning the quality of the products provides a specific legislation for their production.

Consorzio per la tutela del formaggio gorgonzola is in
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