Speck and Melon: the strong alpine taste meets the delicate sweetness from the lowland

Laura Seguso

The newly established partnership between ‘Consorzio Speck Alto Adige IGP’ and ‘Consorzio Melone Mantovano IGP’ producers associations aims at enhancing at their best the organoleptic qualities of these two PGI products. In order to enhance the union of these flavours, a series of initiatives with tastings has been planned. Thanks to expert chefs’ support, these two products will be proposed alone or in creative recipes.

  • The benefits for the two PGI products are mutual. ‘PGI Melon from Mantua Consortium’ is the youngest one, as it was recognized in 2014. With its three varieties of smooth, musk with slice and musk without slice melons, which distinguish themselves for their stronger aroma and higher concentration of such minerals as potassium and sodium in comparison with other growing areas, will benefit from the wider experience of ‘PGI Alto Adige Speck Consortium’, recognized in 1996. The latter, however, benefits from a seasonal adjustment thanks to ‘Alpine’ and ‘Mediterranean’ combination, by approaching another PGI characterized by such equal values as tradition, short chain, and small family farms.
  • This synergy is aimed at crossing the territorial limits of the two products, which are by nature tightly bound to their areas of origin, and offers new opportunities for consumption by creating new recipes with these two ingredients.

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