Pantaleo: three centuries of olive oil

GRUPPO_PANTALEoIn the heart of one of the most suitable Italian lands for the production of olive oil, the history of one of the leading realities in the domestic production of oil has been handed down for three centuries: Nicola Pantaleo, at Fasano, Puglia, run by the third and fourth generation of Pantaleo family. Today this company, which has based its philosophy on the complete satisfaction of the needs expressed by customers, continuous improvement of product quality and efficiency of business processes, in compliance with the current regulations, is known and appreciated on the most important international markets. Exports, which concern 70% of sales, mostly involve large-scale retail trade in Japan, India, Oman and Qatar, where Pantaleo boast a leading position with both their own brand and the one of its importers and distributors, as well as the one in Malaysia, USA, Brazil, South Korea, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Germany, and Malta.foto GITA 24-10-13 033

Single-dose, young, and premium

Over the years, Pantaleo, besides olive oil in different formats, has launched two innovative products: the ‘Monodose Pantaleo’, in boxes of 5 single-dose vials containing ml 10 of product, characterized by a practical and elegant packaging, and ‘Pantaleo Young’, which in 2012 was awarded the international ‘Biol’ prize for ‘Biolpack prize’. This organic extra virgin olive oil presents a fully differentiable and recyclable packaging, labels designed by different authors, which can be coloured by 3 years and older children, and a little book where it is possible to read all the explanations concerning the positive characteristics of quality extra virgin olive oil, such as bitter and spicy notes, as well as fruity hints. In addition, in December 2013, Pantaleo launched on the Japanese market a new extra virgin olive oil, the ‘Premium’ one, checked by CEQ (Consorzio dell’Olio Extra Vergine di Qualità - Consortium of Quality Extra Virgin Oil) and certified by CSQA with very strict quality parameters, including a polyphenol content higher than 500 mg/kg.

Passion: the key to success
Amalia Menna PantaleoAmalia Menna Pantaleo, administration, marketing and sales manager, specifies: «The quality of the oils produced by Pantaleo, beyond technical means, analyses, and control procedures, comes from an ancient knowledge: a centuries-old oil culture, handed down with passion from father to son, which also interests all the employees of the company. This knowledge concerns an ideal map of the constantly evolving oil, made ​​of characteristics, odours and flavours which change from area to area, cultivars, oil mills, and the ways in which they produce. All this becomes a concrete reality in the act of tasting oil. This is the most important exam which every blend, every batch of oil, must pass. This assessment is up to the sole administrator Donato Pantaleo and his son Nicola, responsible for purchasing, quality, and management of olive oils. The characteristic which most distinguishes us internationally is the passion with which we accomplish our work, from the selection of raw materials to packaging, administration, and accounting management of every order, as well as care for quality at every stage of the production process. Everything is part of a virtuous circle where everyone feels active and responsible, and which keeps at its centre both excellence and customer care. Our goal consists in growing up in other markets by promoting and advertising, as we have already done, both quality and benefits of quality olive oil».

From oil to tomato

‘Pantaleo Agricoltura’ joined Nicola Pantaleo in 2008. This partnership was born from Pantaleo family’s will as well as Luisa Pantaleo’s passion for agriculture. Pantaleo Agricoltura has decided to invest in the development of a typical local product, the ‘Pomodoro Regina’, a winter tomato produced in a small area of Puglia, from Monopoli to Ostuni, characterized by a red coral dark colour, an intense scent, and a strong, full-bodied flavour.It has been presided by Slow Food since 2011. In order to offer an ancient product in an organic version, revisited in a young and dynamic key, today Pantaleo Agricoltura markets this tomato either in cluster or processed in ‘Salsa di Pomodoro’ (tomato sauce), ‘Salsa di Pomodoro Regina’, and ‘Confettura di Pomodoro Regina’. bottiglia classica piccolaThese are niche products, completely artisan and natural, required by high quality catering and part of the Slow Food network as well as specialized and organic stores. Luisa Pantaleo specifies: «We are a small company which wants to grow while maintaining its freshness. Our next goal consists in extending our olive production, which currently concerns ha 17, and build a company oil mill, in order to be able to create completely tracked organic oil in common with Nicola Pantaleo».


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