Lauretana, when lightness becomes water

fonte 2In the Alpine mountains of Biella, in Piedmont, from a source located on the slopes of Mombarone, at an altitude of 1050 metres, a clear, pure, light, and refreshing mineral water flows from which the Acqua minerale Lauretana comes. It is characterized by a residue of 14 mg/l only, 1.2 mg/l of sodium, and a slightly acidic pH. It facilitates proper functioning and purification of the body, promotes and speeds up the water exchange rate, stimulating diuresis, and facilitates digestion. For these organoleptic values, verified by analyses carried out by internationally renowned physicians, and provided with ISO 9001Quality Certification, Lauretana has been assessed by many European consumers as the best European water, certainly the lighter one.

The foreign market, even before Italy, immediately showed great interest in Lauretana, which is popular in the Countries which are traditionally and culturally more health conscious. Some as far away countries as the United States, Australia, Japan, China, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates appreciate this mineral water, whose 20% of production is exported all over the world, but the first countries which have requested it have been Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Thanks to importers, in these Countries Lauretana is sold to stores and wholesalers in organic distribution channel and catering.

Natural, slightly sparkling, sparkling

foto3bottiglie_luglio2012Lauretana, as natural as it flows from its source, slightly sparkling or sparkling, is bottled by gravity, without any human alteration, and is sold in different sizes. The version of natural mineral, thanks to its low content in salts, is ideal for enhancing delicate flavours as well as fish and desserts, while the sparkling version, tasted cold, goes well with more processed and substantial foods.

The blue colour of the bottles protects this water from sun's rays, which hinder its preservation, and PET containers, instead of PVC, guarantee its naturalness thanks to polymer composition that does not emit macromolecules in the content.

As for packaging dedicated to catering, then, a famous designer, Paolo Pininfarina, offered an important contribution with his creativity. He designed the elegant profile of the cl 750 glass bottle, embossed with his logo, which today can be found in the best restaurants in the world. The end result is a design characterized by extreme simplicity, with optimal ergonomics in the grasp of the bottle and a strong aesthetic personality, also due to the reduced dimensions of the bottle neck.

New markets and bottling lines

Antonio Pola, CEO of Lauretana, states: «The excellence of our product and the respect for both land and uncontaminated nature that surrounds our source are, and will continue to be, the values ​​at the roots of our activity. The good positioning of our brand in the market motivates us to move forward on this path, trying to further grow abroad, in China, the USA and Dubai, for example, and expanding, to the possible extent, our production capacity. Among our goals there is the realization of a third bottling line».


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