Gambarella: ‘extra-ordinary’ jams

057Extra jams prepared ​​without any thickener or preservative, with a very high content of fresh fruit only, brown sugar, lemon juice, herbs or selected spices, such as cinnamon and red pepper: these are the flagship products of the Azienda Agricola Gambarella at Montorio Veronese (in the province of Verona). This company has produced and sold for more than 50 years highest quality fruit and vegetables. Since 2009, the traditional activity has been joined by the production of 7 gluten-free jams, 100% natural, in which, for every g 100 of the product, more than g 110 of pure fruit produced by the company itself are contained. The fruit is picked by hand from the orchards owned by the company and directly sent to the laboratory for processing.

Creative and original flavours
confettureSeven flavours, enhanced by the addition of herbs and spices, and produced to about 5,000 units each, are produced in order to consume jams not only at breakfast, but for every meal, for example in combination with cheese. Jam prepared with cherry and cinnamon is ideal with creamy or medium-aged cheeses, or for filling omelettes, while the one prepared with strawberry and vanilla berries has a harmonious and delicate flavour, which enhances well-matured cheeses, but it is also excellent for breakfast. Peach and mint jam goes well with soft and fresh cheeses, or ricotta. Apricot and red pepper jam goes well with goat cheese or medium-aged cheeses, and jam prepared with apple, pumpkin, and cinnamon is excellent with creamy cheeses, caciotta (a smoked soft cheese), or ripe goat cheese. Kaki, apple and vanilla jam goes well with goat cheeses. Another jam is kiwi with cocoa beans: the intense flavour of cocoa is well balanced with the freshness and acidity of kiwi.

More export and new products

Saverio Bianconi

Saverio Bianconi

These compotes, exported for 70% in Sweden, France, Holland, and Germany, and destined for food shops or Horeca channel, are packed in g 110 glass jars and their labelling is exclusively done by hand. Saverio Bianconi, director and member of Gambarella, specifies:  «According to our philosophy, an excellent product must be characterized by excellent quality in taste, but also in appearance. This is the reason for which we give great importance to packaging. We are grateful to the trading company ‘Saveli Selection’, which from the beginning has supported us in marketing, image processing of our products and brand, as well as promotion and sale of our jams. In the future we aim at expanding our activity in the European market and outside Europe, entering the Czech Republic, England, Denmark, Belgium, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Canada, and the USA. Besides increasing production, maintaining the same standard of quality that has always distinguished us, we intend to create new jams. Our most recent creation is peach and coffee jam. Coffee comes from a selection of 100% Arabica variety from different origins, blended and roasted in Italy».


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