New promotional investments for Italian wine

On the occasion of ‘Tavolo del Vino (Wine Table)’, convoked by the Italian Government, the green light for China's promotional programme was given. In the coming months it will bring around 4.5 million Euros. This initiative is important for the wine sector, as the United States will soon publish the competition notices for the communication campaign concerning Italian wine in the USA. This campaign will become operational next fall and provides for 20 million Euros in the three-year 2017-2019.

Meanwhile, the Wine Observatory concerning world trade in wine, based on data from Customs and Statistics Institutes of Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Russia, USA, Canada, Brazil, China, Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea, reports rather uncertain dynamics about Italian wine in this part of 2017. Only the sales concerning sparkling wines are still growing, albeit they are lower than in 2016. There is therefore an urgent need to restart promotional investments to develop targeted activities in such key Countries as the USA and China.

Among the positive notes of exports for this first quarter, the performance of Russia, which, as for bottled wines, exceeds 50% in terms of increase in both value and volume, is noteworthy and confirms the trend towards recovery that began in late 2016. The US dynamics are good, as + 4% in value was confirmed at the end of 2016, and volume growth increased by a percentage point (from + 2% to + 3%). Canada, too, began 2017 with the best first quarter since 2012, with record numbers by 450 million Canadian dollars.

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